Discord & Twitter Becomes New Safe Haven for Hackers

While email has always been the preferred method for hackers to lure unsuspecting users into phishing scams, other platforms like Twitter and Discord are quickly gaining popularity as viable options.

While those with greater technical knowledge will likely recognize the tactics used to steal passwords, the average user will probably fall for some of these schemes because of how persuasive they may be.

An article in The Register warns Twitter users to be wary of personal messages that claim to flag their account for inappropriate behavior.

Meanwhile, scammers on Discord are reviving an old fraud in which individuals are told that an obscene photograph or clip of them has been published on chat rooms designed to bad-mouth them.

You are taken to a fake Twitter login when you click on the link in the hacked messenger, just like in other social media attacks.

It’s a phishing page made by hackers to gain unauthorized access. Hackers exploit Twitter’s application programming interfaces (APIs) to steal personal images and validate entered credentials, making the imposters seem incredibly authentic.

Invites to shame servers are sent to Discord members. Following the link prompts the user to scan a QR code, which gives the attacker access to the victim’s profile and allows the malware to spam the victim’s contacts with the exact text.

People who frequently use Fb may be used to these types of scams.

Like many others on the network, including myself has gotten a text from a friend whose profile has reportedly encountered hijack to his account, saying, “Is this you in this picture?” with a link attached.

Many users get easily duped, which spreads the word to other people.

Make sure to use two-factor authentication, limit who may send you connection requests or direct messages, and be suspicious of any texts that contain links, even if they appear to have come from your reliable contacts.


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