Does VSCO Notify Screenshots? How to Protect Your Privacy? [2022]

Does VSCO Notify Screenshots? Or do they let other users take advantage of your situation and take screenshots without your permission?

If that’s the case, here you’ll learn about how does VSCO notifies screenshots and how you can prevent others from taking screenshots without your consent.

Let’s get straight to it –

Does VSCO Notify Screenshots?
Does VSCO Notify Screenshots?

Does VSCO notify screenshots?

VSCO does not provide any kind of alert when a screenshot is taken. Therefore, there’s no way for you to determine whether the VSCO app can ever be used to steal your private images/videos.

Additionally, you don’t get any kind of alert via notification when someone has screenshot your photographs or profile.

Therefore, making all these situations extremely challenging for you as there’s no official method to get notified at the earliest.

Taking screenshots of photographs in the VSCO app is a simple process. Pressing your device’s power and volume down button simultaneously will take a screenshot. Selecting the option in your quick settings can also take a screenshot.

How to Determine Who’s Behind the Screenshot Capture?

A notification will appear in your activity stream, and a “Someone Screenshotted You!” alert will appear in the top right corner of your screen if someone has taken a screenshot of your profile or the app’s home page.

Remember that this only works if you follow the other person and vice versa.

Can You Find Who Screenshotted Your VSCO Photos?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot. You can try to use an alternative provider, but that’ll take some time.

Although VSCO lacks in identifying the culprit, some third-party social media platforms have incorporated functionality recently that notifies its users when a screenshot is taken of their content.

For instance, if someone screenshots your Snapchat photo, you’ll be warned by direct messaging (direct message).

This lets you know that an image or audio recording of them has been captured. In other cases, they may be prevented from doing so altogether.

Similarly, Instagram notifies its users when someone has taken a screenshot of their story without proper attribution.

Sadly, VSCO can not provide this functionality since it cannot detect when a screenshot is made of your photo despite having all the information of who took the screenshot.

Is There Third-Party Apps to Enable VSCO Screenshot Notifications?

Sadly, no known third-party app can integrate with VSCO to enable the active screenshot notifications. Additionally, VSCO does not save notification history on its app. Thus, there is no way for any app to integrate the necessary data.

You should be on your guard if a different app sends you a screenshot notification saying it came from VSCO. When using VSCO, remember that this app will never share your data with a third-party app or website without your permission.

Does VSCO Notify When You Screen Record?

Similar to capturing screenshots, VSCO doesn’t send alerts if someone records your screen.

So, when you’re done recording your screen, it’ll not notify the other but instead save the file to your camera roll.

Taking a screen recording allows you to capture the person’s voice and screenshot every frame.

You can make your VSCO account private or block an individual trying to record your screen if you don’t want them to see your photos. To block a user, navigate to their profile, click the ellipses menu, and then select Block.

Which Notifications Do You Receive From VSCO?

When you like, comment, or follow someone in VSCO Cam, it sends notifications to the other users. This shows them that you follow all their actions. Therefore increasing their chances of following you back.

VSCO will alert you:

  • After you’ve liked someone’s photo or commented on them.
  • When a person expresses interest in or comments on your photo.
  • When you mark someone’s photo as a favorite.
  • The total number of notifications on VSCO will vary based on how often you post and like photos.

The ability to mark an image or clip as a favorite is unique to VSCO. The person will be alerted of your reaction to their posts and can then choose whether or not to respond.

With positive feedback, the photographer can feel satisfied that their work is appreciated on the platform.

How to Screenshot on VSCO?

You can snap a screenshot of someone’s VSCO account on your mobile device in one of two methods.

Screenshot Using Shortcut Buttons

You can utilize the dedicated shortcut buttons on your mobile device to capture screenshots quickly. Pressing the power button and volume down on most Android phones will capture a screenshot.

ScreenShot Using Special Gesture

Screenshots can also be taken using a special gesture on some smartphones. For instance, I use an Android smartphone where I can capture screenshots by using a three-finger swipe gesture.

Screenshot Capture on Mac

On a Mac, you can capture a screenshot by pressing Cmd+Shift+5, or you can take individualized screenshots by pressing Cmd+Shift+4.

You can access the Snip tool by pressing the Windows key plus Shift plus S when using a Windows computer.

Snap a Pic with Your Secondary Phone

Suppose you find a picture on someone’s VSCO that you like and want to save it yourself.

But the user has blocked others from taking screenshots!

What will you do?

An alternative to taking a screenshot would be to just photograph the image.

Similar to the screenshots, the other user will never find out that you’ve saved their image. 

VSCO – How to Block Screenshots?

Although VSCO doesn’t notify you when someone screenshots your photo, it employs an anti-screenshot technology that prevents the user from taking another screenshot for 30 minutes.

To put it another way, the app will not let you take another screenshot for 30 minutes.

Final Thoughts – Will VSCO Notify When You Screenshot Eventually?

When taking a screenshot, VSCO will never alert you.

Do you know WHY? Because it’s not the issue of their concern as they majorly focus on providing top-notch photography features to their audience.

So, I would not recommend you wait for this feature to come to your device anytime soon.