How Much is 500 Bits on Twitch Worth?

Do you want to show support for your favorite twitch streamer?

You can support them by:

  • Sending a one-time payment;
  • Subscribing to their channel;
  • Scheduling a monthly payment or
  • Sending Twitch Bits

Unlike the first 3 options, Twitch Bits are a little different than Twitch donations.

Bits, aka cheering bits, are Twitch currency a live stream viewer can use.

You can purchase bits in the blocks of 100, 500, 1000, 5000, and 10,000. However, Twitch bits to dollars conversion isn’t entirely clear. So, how much is 500 bits on Twitch?

What are Twitch Bits?

Twitch Bits are a new way for fans to show their support for their favorite streamers. Bits are a virtual currency purchased with real money and used to buy emotes, badges, and other perks usable in Twitch chat.

These items are designed to help you show your support for your favorite streamer or game developer by making valuable contributions to the community.

By purchasing bits in bulk, you’re supporting your favorite channels and helping the streaming platform create an open place where anyone can share their talent or selectively gaming talent with the world.

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Can you donate bits on Twitch?

Yes, you can donate bits on Twitch!

You’re probably familiar with donating money to a streamer or the occasional charity. But what about donating something else?

What if there was a way to give a limited amount of money to twitch streamers but still unlock emotes and rewards?

That’s what Bits are all about.

Think of them as a twitch-only currency, used only by Twitch users who want to support their favorite streamers.

If you know a content creator who has been streaming for more than 24 hours, then they likely have their own emote section in their channel settings (it won’t appear until they’ve been streaming longer than 24 hours).

You choose which emotes you want your viewers to see when they type “/emote” into chat while watching one of your videos.

How do you buy bits on Twitch?

To buy bits on Twitch, you’ll have to use amazon payments or PayPal. The good thing here is that Twitch Bits are platform exclusive, not streamer exclusive.

This means, once purchased, you can donate twitch bits to any number of streamers you like.

Note: You can’t buy bits on Twitch with a gift card.

How does a Streamer Get Benefits from Twitch Bits?

When you send several Twitch bits to your favorite streamer, the screen pops up with pre-set animated emotes. For every bit sent to a streamer, they receive $0.01 via their chat.

In addition, specific channel extensions allow you to include bits in your channel. For each Bit used in an extension, you receive 80% of $0.01, whereas the remaining 20% gets handed over to the extension developer.

Accepting Bits instead of third-party donation options will protect you from chargebacks and other payment difficulties. In addition, since Twitch handles everything behind the scenes, you get an excellent opportunity to focus on & provide a high-quality experience.

Unlike the other payment methods, accepting Twitch Bits protects you from chargebacks and other money-related difficulties. 

This freedom gives you much-needed time to relax and focus on things that matter the most – Giving your audience a good time.

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Be optimistic and ensure your viewers know their appreciation for your work is very much appreciated. Revenue generation is the secondary purpose; content is the primary purpose. Content with a higher level of interest and involvement will give you a greater chance of making money.

How much real money does it cost to buy 500 bits?

Bits come in various bundle sizes, from 100 bits to 500 bits to 1500 bits, and so on.

You may get easily confused by the disparity in pricing across packages, as one may anticipate that one dollar would buy them one hundred bits.

But that’s not the case.

Rather than charging Twitch users $1.40, 100 bits cost you $1.40.

Twitch keeps a small portion of the proceeds as revenue when you buy a bit.

If a consumer purchases 100 bits, they will receive $1.00 in value, and Twitch will receive the remaining 40 cents.

An enormous amount of money is handled similarly.

In reality, a user can tip their favorite twitch streamer $5.00 by sending them 500 bits. But instead of $5,  Twitch asks you to pay $7.00 for 500 bits.

Twitch indeed offers discounts on their share of profit. 

But this discount is only applicable if you purchase more extensive packages. Therefore, larger packages offer massive discounts than a 500-1000 bit plan.

If that’s the case, it’s better to proceed with the larger plan than a smaller Twitch Bits plan.

It’s essential to remember that the value of a single Twitch bit varies slightly between different currencies, but the cost of a single US dollar remains almost similar. For reference, here’s the complete twitch bits pricing:

Twitch BitsPricing (In Dollars)
Twitch Bits Pricing Table in Dollars

What can you do with 500 bits on Twitch?

  • Tip streamers – You can use bits on your favorite channels to show appreciation and support for what’s happening.
  • Buy games and emotes in the store – You can use them to get fun games and customizations for your channel page, like emotes and badges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an extension where I can create custom bit redeems for Twitch?

Sound Alerts is a twitch extension that can play audio at your preferred bits. It’s possible to use an add-on for Voicemod wherein you can cheer bits for modifying your voice. You can even configure a warning in StreamElements to trigger a pre-set video alert whenever someone sends a  specified number of twitch bits. Customized configuration is also possible using tools like Lioranboard.

How do you follow someone on Twitch after you have been following them for a little bit?

Here’s how you can follow a streamer on Twitch: 

Click the heart-shaped “Follow” icon underneath the streamer’s live feed once you’re at the channel’s homepage.

When you click the “follow” option, you’ll see an empty heart emoji replaced with a full one, and the phrase “follow” will vanish, leaving a little grey box containing a heart symbol.

That’s it. You’ve successfully followed that streamer.


In conclusion, twitch bits are fantastic if you want to donate them to several streamers.

Apart from these sole benefits, I don’t think there’s anything else for a user.

If you’re going with the smaller plans, you’re paying more than a monthly subscription or sending a one-time payment.

So, if you want to:

  • disperse your donation to multiple streamers,
  • get involved with the streamer’s community,

…then only you should buy Twitch bits for donation.

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