How to Save OnlyFans Pictures?

OnlyFans works on a subscription-based model where you can unlock exclusive pictures and videos of celebs available on the platform.

Even though you pay a premium price to support or get a sneak peek of your favorite creators’ life, OnlyFans doesn’t allow you to save them on your device.

When you open, you might have noticed that picture saving using right-click doesn’t work.

That’s absurd. Isn’t it?


No matter what OnlyFans does, they can’t stop you from downloading OnlyFans Pictures & Videos to your device.

So, in this guide, I’ll explain how OnlyFans protect exclusive content on their platform and how you can bypass them in multiple ways.

How does Onlyfans protect Exclusive pictures & videos?

Until you transfer your copyrights to another party, you retain complete ownership of the content you create as a creator.

Onlyfans, for example, is a subscription-based platform that lets content creators monetize their work by charging subscribers a monthly or annual fee.

Those who created Onlyfans Pictures own the copyrights to it.

Onlyfans safeguards the images and videos of these creators by using one of the two methods specified below:

OnlyFans Disables right-click

Onlyfans users will be unable to save their favorite videos and images by right-clicking and selecting “Save Target As…” from the context menu, because the code in this section disables right-click functionality.

$(‘img’).mousedown(function (e) {

if(e.button == 2) { // right click

return false; // do nothing!



Using background-image + data:imagesource

Choosing the image location via the CSS background-image property instead of the HTML one via the data:imagesource property can help you achieve the same goal.

This is the second method that and employ to preserve their creators’ content.

Once all this is locked up, it’s complicated to snoop in and steals the creator’s exclusive content once all this is locked up.

That’s all how OnlyFans protects their creators’ exclusive data online.

But as a user, you might be wondering for ways to download a creator’s pictures and videos.

So let’s find them out one-by-one:

How to download Onlyfans Pictures & Videos?

Because the rights to the images and videos on Onlyfans’ platform belong only to the OnlyFans creators, the platform prohibits its users from downloading them by default.

Typically, when you’ve to save a photo or a video on your chrome browser, you can keep them using the right click of your mouse/touchpad.

However, as explained above, OnlyFans restricts you from doing so.

They intentionally disable the right-click use on their website.

Therefore, preventing you from downloading OnlyFans restricted pictures and videos.

I’ve explained all this at the start of this post. So, do check that out.

Contrary to popular belief, you can store or download just about anything that appears on your screen.

As a web developer, you are probably aware that you can read the page’s source code and download all of the media files, including images and videos.

If you don’t want to get into the process, you can download browser extensions or private browsers to do your hard work.

Allow right-click menu on Onlyfans to save content

Before I share the OnlyFans downloader extension with you, it’s essential to know about a chrome extension that forcefully enables the right-click feature embedded on the website.

You can install the Allow Right-Click extension for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Using these extensions, you can save almost anything on Onlyfans if you have this extension installed.

Once installed and enabled, open any OnlyFans Picture or Video; you can easily save them on your device.

Then, to access the ‘context menu’ while the video is playing, right-click on the video area and save them on your device.

To save Onlyfans content to your computer, this is the simplest OnlyFans hack, and it works on any other website where right-clicking on images or videos is restricted.

So now that you’ve enabled the right-click, let’s begin downloading exclusive OnlyFans Pictures and videos.

2. Onlyfans downloader Chrome Extension

Although sites like Onlyfans take steps to copy-protect their content and prevent users from downloading media files, there is not a single method that prevents you.

Let’s look at how to use the downloader for the Onlyfans Chrome extension to save images and videos from Onlyfans.

Onlyfans feed or any other creator’s profile page is automatically updated with download buttons.

Your video will begin downloading as soon as you click the ‘original’ button.

Clicking the extension’s address bar icon changes its default setting to download videos in reduced resolution instead of their original high quality.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to use browser add-ons, you can download images and videos from a site of your choice, including Onlyfans

3. Use Aloha Browser

Yeah! You can easily save Onlyfans pictures and videos on your device using the two methods listed above.

However, neither allows you to save OnlyFans Pictures in their original resolution.

And that’s where Aloha Browser comes in.

Aloha Browser is a private browser available to download on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Even though Aloha Browser is like any other private & secure browser, its smooth integration with its:

  • Free & unlimited VPN,
  • Aloha Downloader,
  • Private Mode and
  • The exclusive VR Player makes this browser a much better choice.

And when it comes to saving OnlyFans pictures on your device, Aloha Downloader is the only feature you need to rely on.

How to save Onlyfans content on iPhone/iPad?

Are you looking for ways to save OlnlyFans Pictures and Videos on your iPhone?

Sorry, but the Onlyfans app for iOS doesn’t support the extensions or add-ons discussed in the previous section and saves or downloads Onlyfans content directly.

Nevertheless, if you can download OnlyFans pictures and videos using the Chrome Extension method mentioned above, transfer files to your iPhone and save them to your iCloud.

If you do not want to transfer your saved content from Onlyfans, the easiest way to keep the exclusive images and videos offline is to capture a screen.

How to download Onlyfans videos on Your Android Smartphone?

Suppose you want to download Onlyfans videos to your Android phone.

In that case, you can do so by using website content downloaders such as AhaSave video downloader, which allows you to download videos from websites.

The in-app browser allows you to find ‘OnlyFans’ by visiting Google Play or searching for it.

Once you have logged into your account, you can tap on the play button to begin watching the video.

After the video link is detected, the app will ask you to download it, after which you will be prompted to do so.

Another way to save Onlyfans videos on your Android is to take screenshots or record videos from AZ Screen Recorder.

Onlyfans hack: Is It Possible to Get OnlyFans Pictures & Videos Via Hacks?

Users frequently look for ways to bypass Onlyfans’ membership to access creators’ accounts for free.

As a result, sites offering free Onlyfans subscriptions or so-called Onlyfans membership accounts are available everywhere.

OnlyFinder is one such example of this hack where you’re not only allowed to find OnlyFans Creator accounts but save their exclusive pictures and videos to your device.

Onlyfans subscription accounts can also be easily obtained at the following website:

  • OnlyFinder
  • OnlyViewer

Once you open these websites, you will be asked to complete offers or surveys to obtain a free account on these bogus hack sites, but you will receive nothing once you have done so.

And instead, end up sharing your sensitive information with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you screenshot Onlyfans?

Many Onlyfans subscribers have asked if it’s allowed to take a  screenshot on Onlyfans, and the answer is YES, as long as you don’t post them on the internet or turn them into a business.

The following is Onlyfans’ official policy about screenshots:

Can you screenshot Onlyfans

So long as you’re using Onlyfans content for personal or non-commercial purposes, you’re OK with taking a screenshot.

However, it is prohibited from being used in any way that could be construed as a copyrighted work or shared with anyone else.

Is it illegal to record OnlyFans?

DCMA takedown demands are in place at OnlyFans if you download something and upload it elsewhere.

However, recording streams and saving images is not unlawful.

Uploading them is against the law; nevertheless, you are free to save anything that is being sent to your desktop.


It’s OK for OnlyFans to restrict the exclusive content available on their site from web-sharing.

However, despite their efforts, users can openly download OnlyFans photos and videos.

That’s all for now.

If you need my help in downloading onlyfans pictures and videos, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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