Is Nadia Hacking? Did She Get Shadowban?

Fans of Activision-battle Blizzard’s royale game Call of Duty: Warzone may already be familiar with Nadia Amine, one of the game’s most rapidly growing streamers.

Even if you have only a passing interest in Call of Duty and have never watched one of her streams, the cheating claims against her have likely made their way into your feed via an algorithm on YouTube or TikTok.

Since Amine, a competent Warzone player accused of cheating, has been persistently harassed by these claims, the YouTube and TikTok channel Full Squad Gaming has set up a “clean PC” for her to stream the game from to disprove the allegations.

With over 50,000 simultaneous viewers on TikTok between the Full Squad Gaming channel and Amine’s channel, this has become quite the show.

Not surprisingly, she’s doing exceptionally well in her performance. The last time I checked, she got an impressive 18 kills in a Rebirth Resurgence match. However, some skeptics in her Twitch chat still weren’t sure she was the real deal.

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Searching for “Nadia is cheating” on TikTok or YouTube will reveal dozens of videos with millions of views, demonstrating how lucrative this topic has become for Call of Duty content creators.

Here’s an example of a typical TikTok video: BadBoy Beaman’s “aimbot set for the torso” video has 2.6 million views and accuses her of cheating.

This drama doesn’t end here, as another video surfaced on TikTok claiming Amine was wallhacking using a secondary monitor.


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Did Nadia Really Cheat?

To put it briefly, Nadia did not cheat in this game in any way, shape, or form. She explains in her video statement that the rumors originated from miscommunications.

She opened her video by responding to the numerous claims of infidelity made against her by “hacker hunters” on the internet. It turns out that most of them may be traced back to a flawed audio component in the field of view.

Nadia reveals entire footage of events that were misrepresented in the media.

An Activision employee requested her to leave her setup during a round of Warzone 2.0 at Call of Duty Next, and she discusses this experience.

Is Nadia’s Warzone Cheating Controversy “Genius”?

In his time as a streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has witnessed it all. The multi-FPS pro and streaming industry giant has competed in online and LAN tournaments, making him a good choice whenever gamers have a cheating controversy.

While videos purportedly showing the former face of Fortnite making fun of Nadia’s position surfaced earlier in September, he has since made it clear how he feels about Nadia’s success and the growing number of gamers who believe that she has been cheating.

Blevins was quite open in his appreciation of Nadia for how well she dealt with the continual attention and made it plain that he did not suspect her of infidelity.

That woman is a marketing genius, in my opinion. When it comes to the entire cheating stuff, she’s just playing with your emotions. He claimed many individuals, presumably, males, are “freaking the hell out” over her and showering her with attention.

Later, to emphasize his argument, he brought up the lengthy film Nadia posted to her channel, showing the entire interaction that led to her leaving her station at the event.

This is high praise from the person primarily responsible for making Fortnite a household name worldwide (and, in some ways, the streaming culture). He admires Nadia for keeping her cool at a tumultuous period in her career, and that portfolio is one of a kind.

Ninja on Nadia’s Warzone Cheating Controversy


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Nadia’s Call of Duty Warzone Shadowban

Shadow banning from Call of Duty Warzone has supposedly happened to Twitch streamer Nadia. Nadia’s account is currently being reviewed for possible cheating, but she can continue playing the game while it is being investigated.

The purported shadow ban of Nadia comes after she has been at odds with another Call of Duty streamer Censor for days on allegations that she cheated at the CoD Next event.

A Call of Duty community war broke out after an aspiring Call of Duty League player named “Censor” compiled a list of Warzone players who cheated in the game.

Nadia was on Censor’s hit list when she was falsely accused of hacking during the CoD Next event, which had come about as a prank.

Unknown at this time is the true nature of Nadia’s shadow ban. Nadia has played Warzone from five different places in the past week, so she’s probably been automatically categorized as a suspect due to the streamer being under scrutiny because of recent allegations.

Nadia may have been identified as utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) or another form of cheating software since she was streaming from the TSM, FaZe, Nuke Squad, or Full Squad gaming houses or offices.

The status of Nadia’s account has not yet been determined.

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