10 Best OnlyFans Alternatives

OnlyFans launched in 2016 as an internet content subscription service from London, UK, and over the years, it has seen exponential growth.

Last year alone, OnlyFans reported revenue of $390 million and pre-tax profits of up to $74 million.

On paper, these numbers alone scream like a success story, but it’s the creators who’re paying the price.

Back in 2016, OnlyFans was launched as a platform to provide models, celebrities, and sex workers with all the tools needed for their success. 

However, lately, the company has been banning some content creators for sharing adult content on the platform.

If you’re one of the unfortunate creators, you might already be looking for OnlyFans alternatives after being betrayed like that. 

So, in this post, I’ve shared 10 sites like OnlyFans on the internet.

OnlyFans Alternatives


Are you a professional content developer?

New Jersey-based subscription platform was founded in 2017 and had its headquarters in Matawan. 

That’s all great. 

But do you get paid through FanCentro?

Using the platform, you can make money by promoting your content.

You can even get a fair share of profit from FanCentro’s revenue share of 10%.


Justfor.Fans is an excellent alternative if you seek websites like OnlyFans to make money from your passion for gaming.

Compared to its competitors, the Justfor.Fans provide more possibilities for you to earn more money.

Furthermore, you can receive up to 80% of your deposits back in weekly installments as a creator.

That’s great but is it better than OnlyFans?

Yes, for both users and creators.

Justfor.Fans come with a minimum compensation of $50, although it varies from user to user.

Alternatively, OnlyFans has a $20 minimum withdrawal limit.

Unlike OnlyFans, Justfor.Fans offer a wide range of options for consumers to choose from, which is quite good if you’re looking to switch from the former site.


From content creators to models, everyone is welcome to share their content on OnlyFans.

When using AVANStars, you can profit get through the referral program in addition to monetizing their content.

Every time you refer a new client, you’ll typically receive 5% of their total profits throughout your career.


Loyalfans is the only site for content providers who are looking for OnlyFans-like membership services.

Here fans can pay up fixed subscription fees to engage in meaningful conversations with their favorite creators.

On the site itself, millions of creators are constantly churning out new materials for its loyal audience members to enjoy.

Loyalfans pays out a minimum of $50 payment 2 times a month as far as payment is concerned.

Apart from this, a creator can monetize their Loyalfans profile to get payments in the long run.

  • Live Streaming.
  • Subscriptions
  • Video store sales, and 
  • Messaging, are all ways in which you can make money. 

Additionally, you can opt for its referral program to get a cut in purchasing a LoyalFans Subscription.

Note: Unlike Facebook Messenger, it’s not possible to Read unsent messages on LoyalFans. So, keep that in mind before buying its subscription.


MYM.fans has a substantial French audience and other European countries.

MYM.fans has a large following in France, as well as other nations in Europe.

Using MYM.fans, models can establish a regular revenue stream through the premium social media platform.

As a result, your feed includes a mix of public and subscription-based material.

You can establish a monthly subscription for your fans to continue seeing your restricted content, which will bring you money each month.

Additionally, paid followers have the power to make requests for individualized content, which the model may choose to comply with or decline to produce.


Fansly is a six-year-old website, and throughout this period, the website has grown significantly in popularity.

On a monthly subscription basis, Fansly collaborates with adult content suppliers like OnlyFans.

Users who pay a monthly fee can access a creator’s locked profile and demo content.

For a monthly subscription fee, the artists can sell their photos and movies to other subscribers. 

Therefore, earning a profit.

Underage users are not permitted on the website because it contains material deemed suitable for adults.


It advertises itself as a seductive social networking platform designed to provide sex workers with all the tools they need to succeed online. With Frisk.chat, there are various ways to make money, such as advertising.

  • Subscribers only have access to sensitive rooms
  • fans who wish to purchase particular pieces of content from your exclusive wall will have the option of paying per view.
  • offering a private, paid chat service for more intimate exchanges

In addition to that, there is a feature for stories that makes it simple to gain new followers!

It’s a terrific alternative for celebrities with a significant following because of the industry-leading 80 percent payment and the ability to be biweekly paychecks.


You can earn money using Influenswer by responding to the questions posed by your followers.

These questions might be about your personal life, professional experience, or whatever your supporters are curious about you.

Although Influenswer is still operating in a closed beta phase, you are allowed to submit a request to become a member of their site.

Each valid response earns them 20%, with the remaining 80% going directly to your Stripe or PayPal account.


Another platform that operates in a manner quite comparable to OnlyFans is iFans. Follow content providers for free, but pay a monthly subscription to see all their exclusive content.

The onlyfans alternative, iFans, imposes a commission fee of 20% on content creators and is only accessible to users over 18.


hiBeam is an application that works similarly to OnlyFans and focuses on handling messages for creators.

You can use AI to respond to DMs, comments, and other types of communications with this specialized messaging software designed just for that purpose.

Although the software is currently in early access, you may already sign up for hiBeam to get its exclusive access.


Even though these OnlyFans Alternatives don’t pay handsomely initially as you would expect, if you stick with either of them for the long term, they can be a real money maker for you.

That’s all for now.

If you’re an existing OnlyFans user and feel bad after looking at the sad state of affairs, there’s something you can do to support your favorite creator.

Delete your OnlyFans Account Permanently NOW and start following them on either of these OnlyFans Alternatives. 

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