150 (Recommended) Discord Server Rules

Do you own or manage a discord server?

If you do, let me make this clear – Without a certain set of rules, it can quickly become a source of spam.

Imagine people sharing links to scammy websites, abusing, threatening members, spreading Anarchy, or doing unimaginable things.

Discord is a place where you get to form a community and connect with fellow community members.

And without a set of rules, it’s tough to keep everything in order. 

So, this article includes 150 recommended Discord Server Rules and step by step process to add them to your discord server. 


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How to Create a Rules Channel in Discord?

Create a new text channel on Discord and name it ” Rules ” if you want to construct a rules channel.

To make the channel read-only, go to “Advanced permissions” and make the appropriate changes.

In the “Advanced permissions” section, take away the “Send Messages” permission.

After the “Send Messages” permission has been removed, the channel will no longer allow anyone other than yourself to send messages.

A list of ground rules may be copied and pasted into the chat as a direct outcome.

How to Enable the Community Feature on Discord?

Before establishing discord server rules, it’s necessary to enable the community feature on the Discord app. Without setting up the community feature on the discord server, you can’t directly proceed to add discord server rules. So, follow these steps to enable the community feature on the Discord App and then later use it to set up discord server rules.

  1. Open the Discord app on your Desktop.
  2. Go to the Discord server where you want to set up the rules.
  3. Select “Server Settings” from the drop-down menu after clicking “Next” on the server name.
  4. Click “Enable Community” in the “Community” area on the left sidebar of the “Server Overview” screen.
  5. Click “Get Started” to begin the process of turning your server into a community server.
  6. You must verify your email address on the “Safety Checks” screen before proceeding. Now is the time to get it confirmed if it hasn’t been done before. Switching on explicit media content filtering is a must.
  7. Hit the “Next” button when you’re done.
  8. Set a rules or guidelines channel and a community updates channel on the “Set up the basics” box.
  9. Choose “Create one for me” if you don’t already have these channels.
  10. Finally, Click all these three checkboxes to finish enabling the community feature on the Discord App.
  • “Only Mentions Will Receive Notifications by Default”
  • “Remove @everyone’s moderation permissions.”
  • “I’m on the same page as you.”

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How to Add Discord Server Rules?

After enabling “Membership Screening,” new members must agree to your specified discord server rules before sending messages and reactions.

P.S. Apart from using the discord website or PC client, you can use its Android and IOS apps to Add Discord Server Rules to your server. However, I recommend you only add Discord Server Rules using your PC.

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Recommended Discord Server Rules to Copy & Paste

Here is a list of Discord server rules I recommend:

  1. Be courteous, polite, and friendly.
  2. There is no obscene or harmful stuff.
  3. Make sure that you don’t abuse any of the channels!
  4. Joining the server only to promote your work is a bad idea.
  5. Content that is NSFW is prohibited at any time or in any place.
  6. The only thing you shouldn’t do is buy/sell/trade/give anything away.
  7. There should be no dating on the server!
  8. This discord server’s default language is English.
  9. Use only Appropriate names and avatars.
  10. There is no tolerance for spamming.
  11. Religion and politics are off-limits, as are any other potentially divisive subjects.
  12. Do not try to go around any words that are being blocked.
  13. Don’t ping unless you have a good purpose for doing so.
  14. Under no circumstances are multiple accounts permitted.
  15. Using a false identity, such as a catfish, is strictly prohibited.
  16. Following discord server rules define no invite codes or links available.
  17. Don’t promote yourself without permission.
  18. Role-playing is not permitted on the server.
  19. Anarchy is strictly forbidden.
  20. Aiming toward specific individuals or groups is not permitted under any circumstances.
  21. There will be no big spoilers from any anime, movie, television show, or video game on public channels that are not already known.
  22. Please refrain from excessive use of the microphone.
  23. Avoid recording voice channel chats.
  24. Do not discuss members who have been banned.
  25. Use the relevant channels and stay on topic.
  26. Don’t bring up hacking or cheating at all.
  27. Linking to shady websites is a bad idea.
  28. Labels and spoiler tags must be used when disclosing information about a spoiler.
  29. Keep an ear out for the server’s crew.
  30. Make use of the relevant avenues to get your message out.
  31. There is no trading, selling, begging, boosting, or sharing of accounts in this game.
  32. Don’t talk about anything that isn’t PG-13.
  33. Use only English when communicating.
  34. Abuse and derogatory statements are strictly prohibited.
  35. As a general rule, toxicity is not permitted.
  36. Messages and emotes should not be spammed.
  37. The practice of XP-Grinding is outlawed.
  38. Don’t approach message channels like a stream of conversation, and don’t be rude.
  39. Do not randomly send pings to members of the team.
  40. Do not ping over four persons at a time or randomly ping community members.
  41. It is a crime to incite someone to break the law.
  42. Messages that surpass seven lines on a computer screen should not be sent in chat.
  43. It’s against the law to start a chain message.
  44. Don’t use copypastas in your emails.
  45. Overuse of Discord Stickers is a no-no.
  46. Avoid using more than five emojis in a single post.
  47. When using flashing or strobe effects, do not send more than two at a time.
  48. This Discord server rules clarify that invites should not be sent on the server or in DMs.
  49. Do not send online meeting links.
  50. It is against the law to disseminate unlicensed content in any form.
  51. Nothing can be sold in this area.
  52. It’s against the rules to use obscene or obscenely offensive images, names, statuses, or identities.
  53. Don’t call yourself “everyone,” please.
  54. Don’t steal or claim someone else’s work as your own.
  55. Sound effects that are obnoxious, overbearing, or otherwise unsuitable are not permitted.
  56. It is forbidden to make use of voice changers or soundboards.
  57. You can stream only PG-rated content.
  58. Music bots should not be used to play the same song repeatedly.
  59. Mute yourself or find another channel if a massive group of people quietly listen to music.
  60. Do not use your microphone to play music or other audio.
  61. Films and other copyrighted material cannot be streamed illegally.
  62. Please do not transmit any links or files that could be detrimental to the recipient.
  63. Try not to jeopardize others’ safety.
  64. Leaking in hate speech or hateful conduct of someone else’s private information is strictly forbidden.
  65. Participating in server raids is strictly prohibited.
  66. Harassment and bullying are not accepted at our school.
  67. Backseat moderating is not permitted.
  68. If you see someone being harassed, don’t do anything about it.
  69. Always avoid hate speech or hateful conduct.
  70. Do not use threats to intimidate others.
  71. Posts containing potentially hazardous materials should be avoided (e.g., malicious websites, pirated software, etc.).
  72. To avoid crashing Discord, do not publish any link or file that does so.
  73. Do not DDoS other users or threaten to do so.
  74. Discord requires a minimum age of 13 to use.
  75. When discussing delicate or contentious topics, be cautious.
  76. Every member of the community should aim for a specific quality standard while posting messages to the group.
  77. Discord’s built-in formatting can be used to identify spoilers correctly, making it clear what subject matter is being discussed.
  78. There is no need to share piracy links, information, or intentions with others.
    Please keep the promotion of your stuff to a respectable level.
  79. Content and communications on this server must be in English, except for common words and phrases at the staff’s discretion.
  80. Members of the community are allowed to express themselves and offer suggestions and critiques.
  81. No of our age, we should all aim to treat one other with respect and consideration.
  82. Please do not approach server members unless they specifically ask you to.
  83. Please read and adhere to the Discord rules of conduct.
  84. Keep your interactions with other users friendly and respectful.
  85. All staff orders should be followed immediately and consistently.
  86. There will be no hate speech or trolling.
  87. Do not engage in, solicit, or publicize real-money deals.
  88. Blackmail, doxxing, inappropriate DMs, and other forms of harassment will result in an immediate and permanent suspension.
  89. We will not allow any form of bias.
  90. Discord servers, other programs, websites, or services are not allowed to be advertised.
  91. It is not permitted to create sub-servers to relocate our members for one’s gain.
  92. A permanent ban will be issued if you organize a raid against us or another server.
  93. Do not harass or bully anyone else in any way.
  94. A permanent ban will be placed on any potentially hazardous materials.
  95. Because of this, you should always treat others with respect and adhere to our values when interacting with them on this channel.
  96. Debates are welcome as long as they are based on these beliefs, and we urge everyone to express themselves freely.
  97. These guidelines are subject to change at any time. If they see fit, they may issue warnings or bans at their discretion.
  98. Nuisances such as trashing people’s posts without cause should be avoided.
  99. If you’re sending someone a link, give them some context.
  100. Be considerate and considerate of others.
  101. You should have a good time.
  102. You should avoid making threats of violence or harming anyone else.
  103. Violent extremists should not utilize Discord to organize, promote, or support their cause.
  104. Do not in any manner sexualize children.
  105. Don’t allow minors under the age of eighteen (18) to access adult-oriented material.
  106. Never post another person’s sexually explicit material online without getting their permission beforehand.
  107. Don’t share anything that glorifies or encourages self-harm or suicide.
  108. Please refrain from doing so when sharing real media that shows gore, violence, or cruelty to animals intending to frighten or harass people.
  109. Do not distribute any material that infringes on any third party’s intellectual property or other rights.
  110. You should not disseminate inaccurate or misleading information (otherwise known as misinformation)
  111. A person or organization’s false identity should never be coordinated or involved.
  112. To protect your account, network, or system, do not engage in activities that could harm or obtain unauthorized access to another user’s account.
  113. Distributing content that involves hacking, breaking, or distributing stolen items or pirated content is against the law and should be avoided.
  114. Please refrain from spamming or otherwise interfering with other people’s enjoyment of Discord by abusing these features.
  115. No unlawful or dangerous activity should be organized, promoted, and encouraged.
  116. Discord products should not be abused in any form.
  117. Using self-bots or user-bots is a bad idea.
  118. It is important not to deceive Discord’s customer service.
  119. No command spam.
  120. There will be no channel hopping in voice chat.
  121. You won’t hear any obnoxious high-pitched noises.
  122. If at all possible, lower the level of background noise.
  123. Only talk when pushed.
  124. If your sound quality is terrible, you may be kicked off a voice channel by a moderator.
  125. When it comes to voice channels, moderators have the authority to mute, disconnect, or transfer users as they see fit.
  126. Do not mention the mods.
  127. There will be no requests for roles or moderator duties.
  128. If you need help, mention the moderators.
  129. For assistance, talk to the #channel moderators.
  130. There will be no @mentions.
  131. No private data should be published (including real names, addresses, emails, passwords, bank accounts, credit card information, etc.).
  132. No teasing.
  133. There will be no sex.
  134. There will be no flaming.
  135. There will be no flaming.
  136. Disagree with each other
  137. Please, no trolls.
  138. Absence of overzealous chitchat (breaking up an idea in many posts instead of writing it all out in just one post).
  139. Not a lot of text (either in separate posts or as a single post).
  140. There is no CAPS LOCK on this device.
  141. There should be no excessive use of emojis.
  142. Do not overuse the reaction.
  143. There will be no advertising.
  144. There is no advertising without prior approval.
  145. There are no citations.
  146. There will be no external links.
  147. There will be no memes this time.
  148. There are no images.
  149. Please, no animated gifs.
  150. There are no commands for the bot.


Once these discord server rules are in place, you can prevent cyber-fraud, only bullying, harassment, or spam from happening in your discord server.

Before I end this post, answer me – Out of 150 recommended discord server rules, which one will you add to your discord server.

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