TikTok Live Subscription to Go Live on May 26

TikTok has announced its Live Subscription service, which will begin on May 26. TikTok  Live Subscription lets you make money on the network by offering subscriber-only chat, emoticons, and badges.

A restricted number of developers will get the beta version on May 26. Like TikTok,  Twitch allows fans to subscribe to their favorite creators for unique benefits. Twitch

TikTok has been teasing its live subscription service since January via its official TikTokLIVE creator account. And now this tease has come to reality.

Videos from the first group of creators chosen for the program explain the TikTok live subscription services and their perks.

Paid subscribers can operate the Livestream camera, for example. Long-term subscribers will also receive a badge.

TikTok is currently being used by a diverse array of content creators, including but not limited to vloggers, ASMR creators, musicians, dancers, and even gamers. Additionally, you will have the ability to download for free individualized emotes made by each designer.

Creators can also offer live Q&As and subscription-only streaming. Even though the pricing is still unknown, I’ll update once it goes live on May 26.

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