How to Read Unsent Messages on Messenger?

Do you frequently use facebook messenger for private or group chat?

Then there’s no one better than you who can understand the pain of sending a message by mistake.

You might have sent the message in the heat of moment or at your lowest point in life.

I know you’re embarrassed about this & willing to even delete your facebook account.

But believe me, it’s a common mistake anyone can make.

Instead of quitting, you should work on this problem to fix it.

And thankfully, facebook messenger provides a way for you to get out of  this situation.

Yeah! You read this part right – You can stop message recipient from reading your erring unsent message.

And in this post I’ll shed light on ways to stop your facebook friend from reading unsent messages.

How to Stop Someone From Reading Unsent Messages on Messenger?

If you’re someone who’s lucky, then you can get advantage over the ignorance of facebook users’.

With this door open, instead of blocking a friend on facebook, you can simply use the ‘Unsend for you’ option.

This feature allows users to delete messages from the recipient’s inbox before they’re even received.

Not only does this keep you from having to deal with a message you don’t want others to see, but it also gives you an extra layer of protection against embarrassing typos or conversations that take place after you’ve gone to bed.

Here’s how to remove an unsent message from someone’s inbox:

  1. If you are using a desktop browser, you may do this by clicking over the Messenger icon in the top-right corner of the page and selecting a conversation.
  2. Additionally, you can visit and open an already existing conversation created by mistake.
  3. Delete the message by clicking on the three-dot icon next to the message bubble and selecting ‘Unsend.’
  4. There are two options, ‘Unsend for everyone’ or ‘Unsend for you’. Select either of the two.
  5. Click on “Unsend” after making your choice.

Even though, the feature was rolled out on iOS in October 2018, its usage was restricted to just 10 minutes. Once the time limit was over, you wouldn’t be able to unsend these messages.

Is there a Way to Bypass this Method?

Similar to bypassing Kahoot Name Limit, you can still see unsent messages on your smartphones using an Android Smartphone. Here’s how:

Method 1: How to Read unsent messages on Messenger?

If you want to see unsent message, then you must download and install the “Notisave” app on your Android/iOS device. Before I share the steps for reading unsent messages, let’s understand what this app basically does:

What is Notisave?

Notisave is a simple status and notifications saver app that has the ability to autosave messages on facebook messenger. It comes with built-in support  to reading auto-saved messages, images and status.

  1. Visit Google Play Store to download Notisave.
  2. Upon installation, enable the application to receive notifications.
  3. You may grant access to Notisave to access your photos and media.
  4. Select “Settings”, then tap on three dots.
  5. From the drop-down menu, select “Save notifications”.
  6. At last, switch the “Messenger” to on.

Once you’ve enabled messenger for receiving active notification, you will be able to read unsent messages.

P.S. Before you enable this the messenger app on notisave, make sure you’ve enabled Messenger notifications on your device.

Method 2: How to see unsent messages on Messenger without app?

When you enable “Notification history” in your settings, you will be able to see unsent messages for Messenger without an app.

With this, messages received through Messenger will be saved before they are deleted.

Note: At the time of writing this post, the Notification history feature is available only for some Android devices. Sadly, not all Android devices have a “Notification History” feature.

Follow these steps to turn on “Notification history”:

  1. First, open the settings menu on your device.
  2. Find “Notifications” and tap on it.
  3. From the menu on the left-side, scroll down to “Advanced settings”.
  4. In the following list, select “Notification history” and turn it on.

Through your Messenger notification history, you will be able to view any unsent messages.

When prompted, choose “Messenger” if you have previously enabled “Notification history”.

If you select “Messenger”, you will be able to see unsent message on Messenger.

Unfortunately, if “Notification history” is turned on, you won’t be able to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions | Unsent Messages

[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is there a way to block third-party apps from reading your unsent messages?” answer-0=”For now, there isn’t a way to block third-party apps from reading your unsent messages. However, stay tuned for any update in this matter.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]

[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How do I find unsent messages on my iPhone?” answer-0=”Sorry but apple’s privacy terms doesn’t let you access a deleted messages. ” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true”]


As you can see it’s quite easy for a tech savvy user to read your unsent messages on messenger.

Other than that, you can implement the official methods mentioned at the top to stop your facebook friends from reading unintended messages.

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