How to View Instagram Story Anonymously?

Today the average attention span of humans has been reduced to just 8 secondsšŸ˜ .

This wouldn’t have happened without the way social media has evolved over the last decade.

It all started in 2013 when Snapchat introduced the stories feature in its app. And as this feature started getting people’s attention, Instagram introduced it in 2016 as Instagram Stories.

An Instagram story stays live for 24 hours, and then it disappears. In the meantime, the story poster gets updated when someone watches them from their contacts.

That’s all great, but certain users want to view Instagram Story Anonymously.

I’ll not ask you why. Instead, I’ll tell you the solution to keep your name off the viewers’ list.

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How to View Instagram Story Anonymously?

Using Airplane Mode

The most popular Stories are cached, so you can watch them as soon as you open the app.  If you open a user’s profile and wait a few seconds, the user’s Story will begin loading automatically.

Next, activate airplane mode and open their profile to hear the Story. You can watch the Story offline, and your name won’t be changed. Once you sync your phone to the internet, though, the perspectives may be refreshed.

It’s also possible that your internet connection will suddenly cut out on you when you’re viewing Stories. Instagram’s preloading capabilities may be overwhelming for users who have posted multiple Stories.

Use a Secondary Instagram Account

Using a different Instagram account is another reliable method for watching Stories and taking screenshots without being detected. The other user will have no idea who viewed their Story if they cannot recognize the account that viewed it.

Any user with a valid ID can view its Stories if an account is public. To acquire access to a private account, you must follow that user first.

If these two solutions don’t work for you, it’s better to use 10 Instagram story viewer apps I’ll share with you next.

10 Best Instagram Story Viewers


With this Instagram viewer, you can look for literally anything. Dumpor is a website that lets you see Instagram content anonymously, including stories, highlights, posts, publications, reels, followers, and so on. No sign-up is needed to use this service.

Also, the material is available for instantaneous download to your computer or mobile device. Popular hashtags and the content related to them can be searched and browsed as well.


One of the most well-liked ways to secretly check out your friends’ Instagram tales is with the help of Instastories.

Insta-stories, highlights, and posts may all be seen and downloaded without revealing your identity.

One of this tool’s best features is that no registration is required to use it.

Simply type the username or the URL of the profile into the search bar. The inability to view Instagram stories from private accounts is a drawback. You’re limited to seeing what other people want the public to see.

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Insta Stalker

Insta stalker is a reader for Instagram stories that also supports downloading them. By signing up, users receive a comprehensive report about the profile they’ve searched, including information about their followers, following, article views, and more.

So, if you’re up against some formidable opposition, just do a quick profile search and uncover all the dirt you need to win. It’s possible to use Insta Stalker without spending any money, however, a paid premium edition is also offered on the web with additional enhancements.


For those who want a more in-depth Instagram story viewing experience, try Inflact.

Hashtag generator, profile analyzer, font changer, and downloader are just some of the features available. This web app can also be used with social media like Twitter and Facebook.

You may monitor up to 100 profiles for as little as $49 per month with the paid plan, which includes access to the free version. As an added bonus, monthly subscriptions are cheap at only $3 for three user profiles.

As a result, Inflact is the best option if you want a more robust tool than only the ability to browse Instagram stories anonymously.

Consequently, Inflact is the best option if you’re looking for a more robust tool than only the ability to browse Instagram stories privately.


If you’re a stalker, Instadp was made for you.

This function enables you to watch and save Instagram highlights and stories. In addition, Instagram profiles of other users can be viewed and opened as well.

Anyone, from A-list celebrities to friends of friends, is available here.

There is no sign-up fee or account creation necessary. It’s a great tool, however, the commercials are pretty obnoxious.

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You can use Instasaved to download Instagram stories, YouTube shorts, and Tiktok videos in your device. This program allows users to download a wide variety of media formats.

Downloadable media includes still images, motion pictures, highlight reels, and more. Obviously, there is no risk involved and it’s totally cost-free. Instasaved is an excellent alternative if you want to read Instagram stories without revealing your identity because it does not call for a login or registration.

Stories IG

An easy-to-use tool for viewing, downloading, and sharing Instagram stories, Stories IG does it all. You may now watch Instagram stories without revealing your identity thanks to this website.

You may also check out profile images, movies, highlights, and IGTVs without revealing your identity. Stories IG, like the other Instagram story viewers on this list, is completely free and doesn’t call for any kind of sign-up or login.

Anon IG Viewer

The anonymous Instagram story viewer Anon IG Viewer is quite simple to use. With this app, you may read Instagram stories without creating an account or logging in.

Furthermore, there is no cost associated with using Anon IG Viewer. To find someone on Instagram, just type in their username and hit the search button. A negative of this application is that you can just view and not download anything.

The inability to save files on your computer is a major drawback to this tool.

Stories Down

Want to watch some one-story discreetly on Instagram? When it comes to stories, Stories Down has you covered. This web program allows you to give and download Instagram stories privately for free.

No need to log up with your Instagram account to view the stories and videos. Simply enter the username of the account you wish to view and let Stories Down handle the rest.

It has a straightforward design that makes it accessible to anybody. Try Stories Down if you want an easy way to read Instagram stories.

Insta Followers

Insta Followers is the Ultimate Instagram Automation Suite. You can buy Instagram likes and followers, and you can also read and download Instagram stories without revealing your identity.

Donā€™t let the name of the software deceive you because it also works for multiple social media sites including Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube.

Multiple search engine optimization options are available on Insta Followers as well.

Simply said, it is an indispensable resource for anyone serious about expanding their brand’s visibility in search engines and social media. Many of the resources on the site are free to use, but others need payment.

Concluding Lines

I hope with this post I was able to help you in staying anonymous when viewing someone’s Instagram story.

However, for some unknown reasons, if you can’t get your name off the list, feel free to reach out to us for a required resolution.

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