What is Dream Face Reveal Trending on Twitter?

Why is Dream Face Reveal Trending on Twitter?

Apparently, a YouTube streamer who goes by the pseudonym Dream has finally revealed his face in the YouTube Gaming community.

Although he has amassed a sizable online fanbase, Minecraft YouTuber Dream has never revealed his face on camera, barring a few cryptic glimpses. Except for now, of course. On October 2, Dream finally removed the disguise.

It’s unlikely that Dream is the first famous designer to have hidden their identity for so long. Corpse Husband and Anomaly are other names that help conceal it, but the latter may have leaked onto the stream by accident.

Although there have been many indications and teasers over the years—some of which Dream himself has released—for the most part, Dream has been able to keep his face a mystery.

In June of 2021, Dream indicated that when he discloses his face, he intends to “take full advantage of it.”

And that’s precisely what he’s done for several weeks, gradually letting other content makers see his face before releasing it to followers everywhere on October 2.

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Dream’s Face Reveal

Dream Face Reveal Trending
Dream Face Reveal Trending

On October 2, Dream took off his mask after years of tireless effort concealing his identity from the public. After much anticipation, Dream (real name Clay) finally removed the famous mask and introduced himself to the world.

Over 1.3 million people watched the debut live, and he said, “A lot of you are probably thinking, why now?”

His pal GeorgeNotFound was taking a flight to officially “meet for the first time.

“Dream desired to “start doing things” in the open rather than remain a recluse. To paraphrase, “Go out into the world, talk to artists, and act like a human being,” he advised.

Content-wise, as Dream and his pals interact with other public figures, viewers may anticipate more “IRL content.” For now, he doesn’t “plan on adding a face cam” to his continuous Minecraft videos.

When Did The Dream Face Reveal Happen?

On September 19th, Dream announced on the community page of his YouTube channel that he would be uploading video in which he showed his face.

There was much back-and-forth, but we settled on date in the end. 

After years of speculation, on October 2, around PM PT, the public finally got glance at the famous Minecraft star.

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Dream Face Reveal Reaction

On the evening of September 30, a few of Dream’s closest pals announced via Twitter that they would be FaceTiming Dream for a surprise reveal of her new face.

For over a decade, some artists have wondered what their dear friends may look like in the real world.

Here’s how some of these popular creators’ reacted –

Do you want to watch the dream face reveal? Here’s the link to his face reveal video posted on his YouTube Channel –

What do you think of this? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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